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Hyde is developed and maintained by Lakshmi Vyasarajan. The new version of Hyde is sponsored by Flowplayer and Tero Piirainen.

This version would not exist without the contributions from the original hyde project.


  • idank

    • Bug Fix: Tag archive generator uses subscript syntax to avoid failure when tags contain '-' or space.
    • Bug Fix: Use check_output to avoid a traceback when subprocess command fails.
  • Julien Danjou

    • Bug Fix: Metadata Plugin: Do not try to read meta data on simple_copy files.

    Kostas Papadimitriou

    • Added a helper method in Expando class to ease up non existing keys handling.
    • Some improvements in LessCSSPlugin to be able to build complex less projects (such as twitter bootstrap)
  • Steve Frécinaux

    • Bug Fix: Fix class name of test_stylus
    • $PATH based executable discovery for CLTransformer plugins.
  • Jacob Kaufman

    • Fixed Authors link in README
  • Tony Cheneau

    • Added support for AsciiDoc.
  • Gareth Redman

    • Added paginator plugin and tests
  • Benoît Allard

    • Added restructuredText plugin
    • Added restructuredText filter
    • Added traceback support for errors when server is running
  • Stian Ellingsen

    • Bug Fix: Better mime type support in hyde server
    • Bug Fix: Support empty extension in tagger archives
  • Grygoriy Fuchedzhy

    • Bug Fix: Hyde server now takes the url cleaner plugin into account.
    • Bug Fix: Sorter excludes items that do not have sorting attributes.
    • Bug Fix: CLTransformer now gracefully handles arguments that have "=".
    • Bug Fix: All occurrences of str replaced with unicode.
    • Bug Fix: Support for encoded urls.
    • Bug Fix: Converted content_url and media_url to encoded urls
    • Bug Fix: Retain permissions in text files during generation
    • Bug Fix: Textlinks plugin: do nothing if resource doesn't use template
  • Merlin Rebrović

    • Hyde starter kit
  • Vincent Bernat

    • Bug Fix: Made sorting tests more predictable
    • Bug Fix: Added more standard paths for executables
    • Added Combine files plugin
    • Added ignore option in site configuration to igore based on wildcards
    • Added silent, compress and optimization parameter support for less css plugin
    • Fixed plugin chaining issues
    • Added Language(translation) plugin
    • Added support for parameters with = to CLTransformer
    • Added JPEGOptim plugin
    • Bug Fix: Ensure image sizer plugin handles external urls properly.
    • Support for output_format configuration in markdown
  • pestaa

    • Added support for UTF8 keys in metadata and config
  • Ryan Kelly

    • Bug fix: LessCSSPlugin: return original text if not a .less file
    • Added 'use_figure' configuration option for syntax tag
    • PyFS publisher with mtime and etags support
    • Added PyPI publisher
    • Bug fix: Made site.full_url ignore fully qualified paths
    • Added Sphinx Plugin
    • Bug fix: PyFS publisher now checks if the pyfs module is installed.
  • Tinnet Coronam

    • Bug fixes (Default template, Syntax template tag)