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README for PTPd Version 2

- Introduction -

This is the source code for the PTP daemon (PTPd) implementing the
Precision Time Protocol (PTP) version 2 as defined by 'IEEE Std 1588-2008'. PTP
provides precise time coordination of Ethernet LAN connected computers. It
was designed primarily for instrumentation and control systems.

- Use -

PTPd can coordinate the clocks of a group of LAN connected computers with each
other. It has been shown to achieve microsecond level coordination, even on
limited platforms.

The 'ptpd' program can be built from the included source code; see the release
notes about platform compatibility. To use the program, run 'ptpd' on a group of
LAN connected computers. Compile with 'PTPD_DBG' defined and run with the '-c'
argument to watch what's going on.

If you are just looking for software to update the time on your desktop, you
probably want something that implements the Network Time Protocol. It can
coordinate computer clocks with an absolute time reference such as UTC.

- Legal notice -

PTPd was written by using only information contained within 'IEEE Std
1588-2008'. IEEE 1588 may contain patented technology, the use of which is not
under the control of the authors of PTPd. Users of IEEE 1588 may need to obtain
a license for the patented technology in the protocol. Contact the IEEE for
licensing information.

PTPd is licenced under a 2 Clause BSD Open Source License
see COPYRIGHT for full information.

PTPd comes with absolutely no warranty.

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