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title: Projects
keywords: "llpd, 802.1ab, snmp, fdb, arp, python, github, udp, proxy"
uuid: 2d33c4ab-0986-4815-87c9-8833aa1eb148
All my projects are hosted on
[GitHub]( Here are a few of them:
# lldpd
*[lldpd][1]* is a [802.1AB][2] daemon. It sends and receives *LLDP*
frames which enables remote L2 equipments to determine which equipment
is remotely present. Those frames contain information like the
equipment name, the portname, VLAN, etc. This daemon features SNMP
support and also supports additional protocols like [CDP][3], SONMP
and EDP.
Here is an example of output:
Interface: tun-cisco
ChassisID: ciscotest (local)
SysName: ciscotest
cisco 7206VXR running on
Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software
IOS (tm) 7200 Software (C7200-P-M), Version 12.2(46), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)
Copyright (c) 1986-2007 by cisco Systems, Inc.
Compiled Thu 26-Apr-07 21:56 by pwade
Caps: Station(E)
PortID: ca:00:50:7b:00:00 (MAC)
PortDescr: FastEthernet0/0
Autoneg: not supported/not enabled
MAU oper type: unknown (0)
{% from "macros.j2" import listing with context %}
{{ listing("files/lldpd") }}
# Dashkiosk
*[Dashkiosk][4]* is a solution to manage dashboards on multiple
screens. There are four components:
- the server which will manage the screens by sending them what they
should display; the server also provides an administration
- the receiver running in a browser and connecting to the server to
know which dashboard should be displayed,
- an Android application running the receiver,
- a Chromecast application running the receiver.
# snimpy
*[snimpy][6]* is a Python tool targeted at writting simple tool using
SNMP queries. It features a very pythonic interface. Any Python
developer should feel at home with it. Here is a use example:
print "Using IP-FORWARD-MIB::ipCidrRouteTable..."
routes = m.ipCidrRouteNextHop
for x in routes:
net, netmask, tos, src = x
print "%15s/%-15s via %-15s src %-15s" % (net, netmask, routes[x], src)
{{ listing("files/snimpy") }}
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{# End: #}