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When you are doing your thesis, you are dreaming of the day you will start to write this manuscript. Is it this day for you? Good! Now the questions are How to write this thesis? and What should it look like?. To the first question, I would say that currently LaTeX is the "best" solution. To the second one, you can find plenty of LaTeX style over Internet.

When I tried to find the perfect LaTeX style, I found out that most of LaTeX styles for thesis were just modified (and bugged) versions of the LaTeX book class. So, I decided to start from scratch. The book class is pretty nice but, like everybody, I wanted to modify marges, the style of part/chapter/section, etc. I realize that most of these modifications can be done directly using specific LaTeX packages instead of modifying the book class. I decided to gather all my modifications in a unique file named style.tex.

I propose a template and not just a LaTeX style because after compiling it, you will already have an empty, but structured, version of your thesis that looks like this. The code is simple, well commented, and can easily be modified without being a LaTeX expert.

What you will find in the template

The LaTeX thesis template contains everything you need to start your thesis: a cover page, the table of content, how to write an equation, insert pictures, cite a paper, use correctly PDF link, list of tables and figures, etc. Here is the list of the LaTeX files provided:

File Description
manuscript.tex Main file
preambule.tex Define the LaTeX evironment and include basic packages
style.tex Modify of the book class using appropriate packages
cover.tex Cover page
acknowledgments.tex Acknowledgments section
introduction.tex Thesis introduction
chapter_XX.tex Different chapters
conclusion.tex Thesis conclusion
annexe_XX.tex Different annexes
bibliography.bib BibTeX bibliography
figures Folder containing figures

Important note: if one does not include the style.tex file in the manuscrit.tex file, the thesis will use the default book class style without any modification. Therefore, one is sure to never break the book class.

Template compilation

You have to choose if you prefer to compile the template using LaTeX or PDFLaTeX (which have to be installed). I would recommand the second option because then you can use PNG, JPEG, and PDF images in your thesis which is very convenient. Using LaTeX, you must use EPS images. Anyway, in the folder figures I provide you all the necessary images to compile the template using LaTeX or PDFLaTeX.

Compiling using PDFLaTeX

In a terminal, type the following commands:

% pdflatex manuscript.tex
% pdflatex manuscript.tex
% bibtex   manuscript.aux
% pdflatex manuscript.tex
% pdflatex manuscript.tex

Compiling using LaTeX

In a terminal, type the following commands:

% latex  manuscript.tex
% latex  manuscript.tex
% bibtex manuscript.aux
% latex  manuscript.tex
% latex  manuscript.tex
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