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# this file is for recording API changes that may affect users
after 0.9.10
renamed all the Event record member names
after 0.9.7
idle priorities now have right names. See eg progrss demo for how to change the code.
treeViewSetHadjustment, treeViewSetHadjustment,
treeViewSetHadjustment, treeViewSetHadjustment all renamed and the set ones
have arguments swapped
Enums.chs.pp: removed the WheelDown, WheelUp, OtherButton constructors from
the Button data type. These are never emitted. This could be potentially
bad if there is an X server out there that recognizes the 4th and 5th
button but doesn't turn them into scroll events. Furthermore, this data
type will break if X servers should ever support more than 5 buttons.
Events.hsc: removed several constructors, change the Key event.
General.chs: changed the priorty constants
Bin.chs: make binGetChild return Maybe
Paned.chs.pp: make panedGetChild(1|2) return Maybe
TextBuffer.chs.pp: swap order of args for textBufferGetIterAtLine so it
follows the normal convention
Frame.chs: make frame(Get|Set)LabelAlign get and set the Y align as well as the
X alignment.
TreeView.chs.pp: swap order of args for treeViewExpandRow so it follows the
normal convention
ComboBox.chs.pp: have comboBoxSetModel take a Maybe parameter so it is possible
to unset the model
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