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Axel Simon <>
(original author and current developer)
Peter Gavin <>
(current developer)
Andy Stewart <>
(current developer)
with contributions from
Duncan Coutts <>
(joint maintainer 2005-2008, contributor 2003-)
Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <>
(c2hs and some sources and techniques)
Jens Petersen <>
(RPMs and tons of other stuff)
Paolo Martini <>
(cairo bindings)
Wolfram Kahl <>
with help from Scott West and Jonas Svensson
(binding for GtkMozEmbed the mozilla rendering engine in a widget)
Hans van Thiel <>
Bertram Felgenhauer <>
(ghc 6.6 fixes)
Michael G. Sloan <>
(graph demo)
Wouter Swierstra
(Noughts and crosses demo)
Maurício C. Antunes <>
(traffic simulator demo)
Toby Allsopp <>
(work on cairo ps & psf backends)
Malte Milatz <>
(cairo matrix documentation)
Maxime Henrion <>
(ColorSelectionDialog improvements)
Bulat Ziganshin <>
(DirList demo improvements)
Armin Groesslinger <>
JP Bernardy <>
Jonas Svensson <>
Vincenzo Ciancia <>
Matthew Walton <>
Matt Arsenault <>
Hamish Mackenzie <>
Much of the documentation is derived from the GTK+ documentation which is
Copyright (c) 1995..2005 the GTK+ Team
See the GTK+ AUTHORS & COPYING files for details.