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TODO for gtk2hs
30/3/2007 Duncan Coutts <>
* make the codegen work from .def files rather than the gtk# xml files
* make the codegen generate enum bindings (but not structs yet) and
have them get put in the appropriate module if they're only used in
that module. Also make them all instances of Eq, and Show, and
in some cases also bounded.
24/1/2007 Duncan Coutts <>
* Make sure the dirlist demo works on win32.
15/10/2006 Duncan Coutts <>
* Add a mechanism to the code generator to add exceptions for when
to use constructNewObject vs makeNewGObject in non-constructors.
11/11/2005 Duncan Coutts <>
* add _to/from_stream implementations of the png,ps,pdf backend
functions using native Handle operations System.IO.hPutBuf/hGetBuf.
15/9/2005 Duncan Coutts <>
* Make the stdin/stdout/stderr not cause errors on win32 when not
compiled as console apps by doing something like:
fd <- open "nul" 2 0
dup2 fd 0
dup2 fd 1
dup2 fd 2
7/6/2005 Duncan Coutts <>
* audit to make sure that all enums that are used are exported
* make sensitivity a widget attribute
* fix all FIXMEs in the documentation
6/5/2005 Duncan Coutts <>
* Image: bind the various get/set functions and sort out the NULL
issues in terms of the API.
12/4/2005 Duncan Coutts <>
* make sure the GList issue in all these radio button modules is ok.
3/4/2005 Duncan Coutts <>
* textViewGetWindowType: the comment is not true. There is no
DrawWindow member of the event (or rather we don't marshal it)
2/4/2005 Duncan Coutts <>
* menuAttachToWidget, menuDetach should probably not be bound. Check this.
* FileChooser & FileSelector: figure out the Glib file name encoding
issue. What charset conversion should we do?
24/3/2005 Duncan Coutts <>
* check the ref counting of BOXED obects in signal callbacks, eg Event
23/3/2005 Duncan Coutts <>
* change gconf so it does not require -fallow-overlapping-instances
12/3/2005 Duncan Coutts <>
* glib timeouts and idle handlers:
make a newtype for priorities and add more of them
make the IO Bool arg be the last arg so you can say:
idleAdd priorityDefault $ do
8/12/2004 Duncan Coutts <>
* there sould be a rule to rebuild .chi files even if the corresponding
.hs file still exists. Otherwise the build can stick and you have to
delete the .hs file to unstick it. Each .chs file should depend on the
.hs file and (or perhaps instead of) the .chi file.
28/07/2004 Duncan Coutts <>
GtkPlug new stuff in gtk 2.2
gtk_plug_construct_for_display (maybe)
21/01/2003 Axel Simon <>
* treeList/TreeStore.chs and treeList/ListStore.chs now use the preprocessor.
The local c2hs is now able to run the preprocessor on those files that
specify it in a pragma. An external c2hs would need to get preprocessed
input. This has to be done in mk/ .