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This file is a collection of notes and reminders of things to do around the
time of a release. None of this is by any means set in stone.
Before release:
* Take a look through the bug tracker.
* Test that it builds! This is supposed to be a cross-platform library, too,
and support for a lot of setups is one of our selling points. There's a lot
of knobs, each with a lot of settings:
32-bit or 64-bit architecture
Windows, Linux, or Mac
GHC version
GTK library version
It's basically impossible to test that it builds on every combination, but a
representative sampling would be nice.
* Check that the demos still work. There are demo directories in each Hackage
package's directory.
* Bump all the version numbers in tandem.
At release time:
* Upload all the new packages. Some shell like this seems reasonable:
for i in tools glib gio cairo pango gtk; do
pushd $i
rm dist/*.tar.gz
cabal sdist && cabal upload dist/*.tar.gz
* darcs tag those babies!
* Make an announcement on the mailing lists. Below is a template email. Once in
a while, you might want to run a command like this to update the
"contributors" section:
darcs log | grep '^[^ ]' | cut -b31- | sort | uniq -c | sort -n
juhp is Jens Petersen
as49 is Axel Simon
Subject: [ANN] gtk2hs-X.X.X
Today, we welcome into the world version X.X.X of Gtk2Hs[1], a set of Haskell
bindings to many of the libraries included in the GTK+/Gnome platform. GTK+
is an extensive and mature multi-platform toolkit for creating graphical user
GUIs written using Gtk2Hs use themes to resemble the native look on Windows.
GTK+ is the toolkit used by Gnome, one of the two major GUI toolkits on
Linux. On Mac OS programs written using Gtk2Hs are run by Apple's X11 server
but may also be linked against a native Aqua implementation of GTK+.
You can look forward to using the following improvements in this release:
This release has been tested on Linux and Windows with a variety of
combinations of GTK+ and GHC versions.
Assuming you have the necessary GTK+ base libraries already installed, you
can get the basic set of Haskell bindings with these two commands:
cabal install gtk2hs-buildtools
cabal install gtk
cabal install gtk2hs-buildtools
cabal install gtk3
Other available packages include
gtksourceview2 (or gtksourceview3)
webkit (or webkitgtk3)
webkit-javascriptcore (or webkitgtk3-javascriptcore)
There are longer-winded instructions that include pointers on getting the
GTK+ base libraries installed on the website [2].
* Automatic memory management (unlike some other C/C++ GUI libraries, GTK+
provides proper support for garbage-collected languages)
* Unicode support
* High quality vector graphics using Cairo
* Extensive reference documentation
* An implementation of the ``Haskell School of Expression'' graphics API
You can keep up with the latest developments on the mailing lists:
* gtk2hs-users [3]: discussions about writing code that uses Gtk2Hs
* gtk2hs-devel [4]: discussions about modifying the Gtk2Hs bindings
Check out the latest code via darcs:
git clone
Or complain on the bug tracker [6].
This code was brought to you by:
Duncan Coutts
Axel Simon
Andy Stewart
Peter Gavin
Jens Petersen
John Obbele
Hans van Thiel
Daniel Wagner
Bertram Felgenhauer
Peter Davies
Ian-Woo Kim
Hamish Mackenzie
...and many, many more
* Make an announcement on the blog via:
Below is a template.
Title: New Gtk2Hs X.X.X release
Categories: Announcements, Releases
Thanks to X, X, and X, we have a bunch of improvements in Gtk2Hs X.X.X:
Thanks to everyone who helped out!
* Update the documentation links. You can get there directly at
or by visiting the admin page at
and clicking "Manage", then "Pages", then "Documentation".