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Name: cpu
Version: 0.1.2
Lowlevel cpu routines to get basic properties of the cpu platform, like endianness and architecture.
License: BSD3
License-file: LICENSE
Copyright: Vincent Hanquez <>
Author: Vincent Hanquez <>
Maintainer: Vincent Hanquez <>
Synopsis: Cpu information and properties helpers.
Build-Type: Simple
Category: Data
stability: experimental
Cabal-Version: >=1.8
Extra-source-files: cbits/endian.c
Flag executable
Description: Build the executable
Default: False
Build-Depends: base >= 3 && < 5
Exposed-modules: System.Cpuid
ghc-options: -Wall
if impl(ghc < 7.8)
C-sources: cbits/endian.c
if arch(i386)
Cpp-options: -DARCH_X86
if arch(x86_64)
Cpp-options: -DARCH_X86_64
if arch(ppc)
Cpp-options: -DARCH_PPC
if arch(ppc64)
Cpp-options: -DARCH_PPC64
if arch(sparc)
Cpp-options: -DARCH_SPARC
if arch(arm)
Cpp-options: -DARCH_ARM
if arch(mips)
Cpp-options: -DARCH_MIPS
if arch(sh)
Cpp-options: -DARCH_SH
if arch(ia64)
Cpp-options: -DARCH_IA64
if arch(s390)
Cpp-options: -DARCH_S390
if arch(alpha)
Cpp-options: -DARCH_ALPHA
if arch(hppa)
Cpp-options: -DARCH_HPPA
if arch(rs6000)
Cpp-options: -DARCH_RS6000
if arch(m68k)
Cpp-options: -DARCH_M68K
if arch(vax)
Cpp-options: -DARCH_VAX
if arch(i386) || arch(x86_64)
C-sources: cbits/cpuid.c
executable cpuid
hs-source-dirs: cpuid
Main-is: Cpuid.hs
if flag(executable)
Buildable: True
Build-Depends: base >= 3 && < 5
, cpu
, bytestring
Buildable: False
ghc-options: -Wall -fno-warn-orphans -fno-warn-missing-signatures
source-repository head
type: git
location: git://