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Blowfish from s2k #23

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I'm implementing string2key stuff for OpenPGP, and Blowfish reports a keysize of 56, but wants 72 bytes for the Serialize.decode instance. If I use buildKey it "works", but the key I get seems to be the wrong one (stuff encrypted with GPG does not decrypt).

The AES instances work fine either way.


Hmm, ok, I solved it like this:

newtype Blowfish128 = Blowfish128 Blowfish

instance Serialize.Serialize Blowfish128 where
   put (Blowfish128 b) = Serialize.put b
   get = fmap Blowfish128 Serialize.get

instance BlockCipher Blowfish128 where
   blockSize = retag (blockSize :: Tagged Blowfish BitLength)
   encryptBlock (Blowfish128 k) = encryptBlock k
   decryptBlock (Blowfish128 k) = decryptBlock k
   buildKey = fmap Blowfish128 . buildKey
   keyLength = Tagged 128
@singpolyma singpolyma closed this

Why is that not in a form of a bugfix for the original instance instead of redefining on your side the instance ?

@vincenthz vincenthz reopened this

@vincenthz because your instance isn't really broken, it's just that Blowfish works for multiple keysizes and your type is for a different size than I needed.

@vincenthz vincenthz added a commit that closed this issue
@vincenthz remove dodgy instance (and most likely useless instance) of blowfish …
…for crypto-api.

Blowfish support many key type, so it's up to the user to define
instance that make sense. for example "Blowfish128" with a keysize of 128.

closes #23.
@vincenthz vincenthz closed this in 18f1a8d
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