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haskell wrapper for git
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haskell libgit

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hs-libgit is a haskell wrapper for git.

It provides lowlevel operations (list/cat object, ..) and some high level operation (commit, checkout, diff...). it requires the git binary available on the system.

Example usage, in ghci

Prelude>:m +Lib.Git Prelude Lib.Git> :m +System.Directory Prelude Lib.Git System.Directory> createDirectoryIfMissing True "/tmp/repodir" Prelude Lib.Git System.Directory> let cfg = makeConfig "/tmp/repodir" Nothing Prelude Lib.Git System.Directory> runGit cfg (initDB False)

You will now have an initialised git repo in /tmp/repodir.


  • clean the commit/tree parsing
  • make it more robust/better error checking
  • split modules into multiples files (lowlevel, monad, highlevel)
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