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regression from security fix in 15885c0649ceabd2f4d2913df8ac6dc63d6b3b37 #32

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This security fix seems to have caused a regression in checking the certificate of

One easy way to see the problem is using DAV's hdav command, which is here built using haskell-tls-extra

joey@gnu:~/tmp/haskell-dav-0.3/dist/build/hdav>./hdav getprops --username=foo --password=foo
hdav: HandshakeFailed (Error_Protocol ("certificate rejected: certificate is not allowed to sign another certificate",True,CertificateUnknown))

Checking the same url with Chrome, Firefox, and wget, none of them have a problem with its certificate chain. While I can't rule out the possibility that they're all vulnerable to the same hole that was fixed, it seems more lilkely that the fix made to hs-tls was buggy.


Another url that fails is
And ....


This only seems to affect the backport. Testing with 0.6.1, it's ok.

Perhaps the backported code depends on a newer version of some other library, such as certificate?


Ouch. That's unfortunate, look like that was a bad idea afterall to backport the security fix. I don't have the resource to support old versions of tls, but i would accept patches. If you really rely on this very old debian version, one easy thing to try is use the tls-retrievecertificate from tls-debug with all the necessary debugging/verbose options, and check manually what's the actual reason of the failure. As you said, the certificate library would play a role here and might need some patching relative to the key usage extension. for example hs-certificate:a156d857189fc880f7d0a2de3310e750994c766b.


Thank for the hint, vincent. I tried backporting certificate:a156d857189fc880f7d0a2de3310e750994c766b onto hs-certificate 1.2.3, which worked easily. I then had to make a minor change to tls-extra- to handle the new field.

This seems to have mostly worked; tls-retrievecertificate works as expected for properly signed certificates including And it fails properly for sites with self-signed or snakeoil certificates.

I did find one problem; it doesn't like's certificate:

chain validity : rejected: CertificateRejectOther "certificate is not allowed to sign another certificate"

However, I just checked the current version of tls-, and they *also reject that site. So perhaps that's a separate bug you should look at. (At least Chromium has no trouble with its cert chain.)


thanks. i just reproduced it now, definitely another bug lurking.

@vincenthz vincenthz closed this issue from a commit
@vincenthz certificate without key usage extension are automatically assumed to be
allowed to cert sign and crl sign.

fix #32.
@vincenthz vincenthz closed this in fd7caae
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