Fix space leak caused by updateMeasure #8

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updateMeasure calls modifyIORef, which does not force the value. Since the Measurement is almost never examined by the program, this results in a memory leak.

In a test program I wrote, a server sending thousands of packets to a client leaks memory pretty quickly (~150 bytes per send, on my 64-bit system). After applying the space leak fix in this pull request, the program successfully sent 1000000 messages to itself using just under 10MB.

This pull request also includes a couple other improvements:

  • Use modifyMVar in the usingState function. This is more concise as well as exception-safe.
  • Minor documentation fixes.
joeyadams added some commits Mar 10, 2012
@joeyadams joeyadams Fix space leak caused by updateMeasure
modifyIORef does not force the value, so if the Measurement object is updated a
bunch of times but never examined, the program will leak memory.
@joeyadams joeyadams Use modifyMVar in usingState for exception safety
Also, force the state value, to avoid potential space leaks.
@joeyadams joeyadams Add links to the 'BufferMode' type in 'client' and 'server' cbfe10e
@joeyadams joeyadams Fix spelling of negotiate/negotiation in documentation 3d0071d
@vincenthz vincenthz merged commit 3d0071d into vincenthz:master Mar 11, 2012

thanks, nice catch for the leak and nice improvements

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