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Only 90's kids remember
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90's Cursor Effects

"Knowing the codes" used to be all the rage, I want to bring a few back.


This is a collection of cursor effects, inspired by those that used to be so prominent back in the day.

To include the cursor on the page, you'll just need to find the cursor script you like, and include it at the bottom of your page.

They're definitely using newer technology, and some of them couldn't have existed in the 90's (emoji cursor, for example), as well as touch support.

If you've got one to add, please do!

Current Cursors (and Demo's)

To be added (Please, go ahead!)

  • Rotating text (remember those, the text would fly around the mouse)
  • Cursor Trail (it was like, a shadowed version of the cursor following where you move)


If you've got something to add (something old, or something new), please do! There's even a simple template in the js folder, which provides a couple of the simpler functions for mouse tracking. Of course you don't need to use it if you don't want.

I'm sticking with using HTML elements (positioned absolutely) for now, and ignoring the canvas (I know it could be more efficient drawing, but 90's wasn't about the canvas)


Copyright (c) 2016 - Tim Holman -

The MIT License

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