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Releases: vincentmorneau/material-apex


28 Sep 13:13
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APEX 18.1 compatible & new default look!

  • 💥 Breaking changes
    • Dropping support of Material Icons in favor of Font APEX. Material Icons haven't been updated in years, and the commitment of Oracle to Font APEX looks bright. You should review ALL icons in your app.
    • Dropping support of our two alternative theme styles (Skyrocket & Marine). They aren't on par with the default theme style anymore. We might introduce new theme styles in the future.
  • New features ❤️
    • New page styles
    • Cards in a report now share the same height automatically
    • Carousel is available as a Report template too
    • Sidenav badges
    • New button style: Outlined
  • Enhancements
    • Range item plugin now has a "step" attribute, which allows e.g. to change the range input value by steps of 25.
    • Date and time pickers are now smaller
    • Wizard template now has a new attribute for mobile text (A01)
    • Better documentation plugin
    • More spacer template options
    • Navigation Bar Buttons
    • New & faster font (System font)
    • Dropdown width is now configurable through template options
  • Bug fixes
    • Interactive Grid under Tabs
    • Interactive report with checkbox
    • Select list automatically closing
    • Checkbox and radio layout


11 Jan 16:52
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  • New features
    • Timepicker support
    • Demo allows to toggle between theme styles
  • Enhancements
    • Better button layout on mobile
    • Interactive Report now has the search button back
    • Rich Text Editor Support
    • Application title is now responsive, it no longer hides on mobile
    • Full Width buttons now aligns the icon better
    • Better support for Interactive Grid Select Lists
  • Bug fixes
    • Better Date Pickers
    • Fixed badge plugin on mobile
    • Fixed Textarea label
    • Fixed Popup LOV
    • Fixed Default Region values on page creation wizard
    • Disabled plugins now show properly
    • Interactive Report column alignment is now supported
    • Calendar Height is now automatic
    • Fixed Interactive Grid flashing on Windows
  • More documentation enhancements...

For more info check out


07 Nov 13:33
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  • New features
  • Enhancements
    • Better and cleaner theme roller attribute structure
    • Navbar items now follows the line height of it's container
    • New "Depth 0" template options to all regions and buttons
  • Bug fixes
    • Create a new theme style no longer shows a failed resource loading
    • Renders iFrames correctly
    • Renders card padding better
    • Fixed an issue where page template options were not selectable
  • More documentation enhancements...


24 Oct 11:41
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  • Breaking changes
    • Button standard is now split into 3 different templates like UT (text, icon, text with icon)
  • New features
    • You can now use Material APEX while being 100% offline
    • Collapsible component as a region template
  • Enhancements
    • The footer now has theme roller support
    • Tabs component now has "Remember active tab" support
    • Interactive report modals should be more stable
    • Interactive grid should be more stable
  • Bug fixes
    • Footer positioning in IE
    • Hamburger menu now hides when there is no menu entry
    • Quick picks on dropdowns are now working
    • Select lists validation message is more consistent
    • Firefox button rendering is fixed
    • Classic report card now works without button label
  • More documentation enhancements...


13 Jun 12:59
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  • Hot fix for the pulse button (view)
  • Simplifies the release process


12 Jun 11:28
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  • Breaking changes
    • Cards are now merged into one template. Please review yours.
    • IMG substitution string is now IMG_SRC. Please change yours.
    • Most button positions have changed. Please review yours.
    • Previously we had 2 region position for the footer (top and bottom). Now only the top is customizable and it's been renamed to "Footer".
  • New features
    • Pulse effect for buttons (view)
    • Feature Discovery (view)
    • Badge List plugin is now supported (view)
    • Full width buttons
  • Enhancements
    • Modals now have automatic height
    • Modals can be set to full screen
    • Date pickers are more accessible now
    • Lots of calendar fixes
    • Popup LOV now has a material design look and feel
  • Bug fixes


17 Mar 12:45
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  • New features
    • APEX 5.1 compatible
    • Interactive Grids (view)
    • Data Loading Wizard (view)
  • Enhancements
    • Date Pickers
    • Interactive Report (view)
  • & more bug fixes


29 Dec 23:27
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Hotfix for theme roller


14 Dec 03:29
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  • New features
  • Enhancements
    • Now support for Font-Awesome (as well as Material Design Icons) (view)
    • Page 0 no longer requires the hamburger menu, it is now computed (view)
    • Fixed side navigation has a better look and feel (view)
    • Top and bottom region button has better support (view)
    • Standard and card regions can now have buttons alongside the title (left and right) (view)
    • Added icon support for some region templates (Standard, Card) (view)
    • Added spacers template options to regions, buttons and items (view)
  • Bug fixes
    • Checkbox labels now showing with an empty label (view)
    • Responsive text only applies to display only items now (view)
    • Input labels now inherit the region text color (view)
    • Switch has better positioning (view)
    • Horizontal fields has better alignment (view)
    • App logo has better positioning (view)
    • Nested card region has better support (view)
    • Theme Roller computation enhancements (CSS calc) (view)
    • Modal button has better positioning (view)
  • Others
    • Changed Theme ID (view)
    • Dropped RTL support (view)
    • Merged a few pages in the demo app
    • Added documentation for available substitution strings in named reports

More here.


20 Oct 17:50
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  • New features
    • Switch Component (view)
    • Range Component (view)
    • Loading Indicator Dynamic Action (view)
    • Over 80 New Theme Roller Attributes
  • Enhancements
    • Responsive Text Template Options for Display Only Items
    • JavaScript performance enhancements
    • Preloader region is now a plugin
    • Code Region is now a plugin
  • Demo Application menu was restructured completely