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A fork from gatsby-advanced-starter theme from vagr9k. Check out his excellent theme as a great minimal starter for any gatsby project, as well as notes on what made this a great skeleton theme in the first place

How is this theme any different? A few improvements were made:

  • Flattened the components structure so it's easier to modify and customize
  • Moved over independent css styles to a sass-folder struct so you can customize styles quickly
  • Convert class components to React Hook friendly components

Here's a quick guide through on how this gatsby-advanced starter works:


  • $ npm install
  • $ npm run dev


  • gatsby-config.js -> this is your plugins, similar to wordpress plugins
    • When you run the backend to create public and .cache, these plugins are being looked at for generating graphql assets
    • When you run the frontend to consume it, it's using those same assets from public and .cache. It's also bundling a javascript library to frontend (imageResharp -> lazy loading images)
  • gatsby-node.js -> this is the settings to point your data sources,
    • also includes graphql setup
  • data/siteConfig.js -> backend file configs

gatsby-node.js -> gatsby-config.js (middleware plugins - backend processing, and JS library frontend) -> frontend


  • content -> this is where markdown files live


  • .cache
  • public


  • src/
    • layout -> entry point
    • pages -> localhost:8000/about
    • templates -> base styling/html for tags/categories/posts
    • components -> dumb reusable react components


  • anytime you modify backend files (gatsby-config.js, gatsby-node.js, siteConfig.js) -> you need to clean cache using $ npm run clean and then $ npm run dev
  • basically the 3 backend files are generating data to public and .cache that the frontend references.
  • basically when you deploy the website, there's no backend running
  • If you change frontmatter on md, you need to run $ npm run clean again