Pocket.js is a wrapper for the window.localStorage. It provides helpful methods which utilise MongoDB's proven syntax and provides a powerful lightweight abstraction from the complexity of managing and querying local storage.
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Pocket is a high performance storage library. It provides an API which resembles MongoDB's proven syntax and provides a powerful lightweight abstraction from the complexity of storage. Pocket support multiple methods of storage including localStorage, Web SQL, Cordova SQLite plugin and IndexedDB.

// Create a new Pocket
var pocket = new Pocket()

// Add a collection
var staffs = pocket.collection('staff')

// Add a item to the collection
staffs.insert({ name:'Foo Bar', age:18 })
staffs.insert({ name:'Baz Foo', age:34 })

// Get all items from a collection
staffs.find().length //2

// Query for specific items
staffs.find({ age:{ $gt:18 }}) //[{ _id:'...', name:'Baz Foo', age:34 }]

// Get one item
staffs.findOne({ name:'Foo Bar' }).age //18

// Remove all items from a collection

// Remove item
staffs.remove({ name:'Foo Bar' })

// Update item
staffs.update({ name:'Foo Bar' }, { age:19 })

// Commit collection to database

// Restore from database


In your index.html file, include the Pocket.js file.

<script type="text/javascript" src="path/to/Pocket.js"></script>

Create a new pocket.

var pocket = new Pocket()

// Restore pocket from localStorage

How it works

Pocket is a wrapper for multiple storage API's such as localStorage and Web SQL. It exposes a simple API to make your life easier. Pocket works on two layers. The first layer is a in-memory representation of your data which allows rapid querying and data manipulation. The second layer is your persistent layer which can be any storage API. The first layer, by default, automatically commits changes to localStorage in JSON format. You can disable this behaviour at anytime on any collection and only commit data to localStorage when it suits you or to any other storage API e.g. Web SQL.



Store.collection(name): Return collection and if it doesn't exist, create a new collection and return it Store.removeCollection(name): Remove a collection from the pocket Store.restore(): Loads previous pocket from the chosen database Store.destroy(): Destroys the pocket. Does not commit before destroying Store.commit(name): Stores collection to localStorage based on collection name passed as argument


Collection.insert(document): Collection.remove(query): Collection.find(query): Collection.findOne(query): Collection.update(query, patch): Collection.size(): Collection.destroy(): Collection.commit():


Whenever you manipulate data within a pocket, you have the ability to specify a query to filter records and only affect specific records.

Queries can be used in the following methods:

  • Finding one: collection.findOne(query)
  • Finding: collection.find(query)
  • Updating: collection.update(query, data)
  • Removing: collection.remove(query)

Table of operations

Operation Syntax Description
Equal age:18 or age:{ $eq: 18 } True if the key equals a value
Not equal age:{ $neq: 18 } True if key is not equal to a value
Or $or:[query, query, ...] True if any of the queries are true
Greater age:{ $gt: 18 } True if the key is greater than a value
Greater or equal age:{ $gte: 18 } True if the key is greater than or equal to a value
Less age:{ $lt: 18 } True if the key is less than a value
Less or equal age:{ $lte: 18 } True if the key is less than or equal to a value


This software is provided free of charge and without restriction under the MIT License