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Opennebula playbooks

Ansible playbooks to deploy Opennebula. This playbooks support deployment on CentOS 6.x and KVM as hypervisor.

This inventory includes some roles to configure iptables and to add some necessary inventories. Feel free to integrate this into your own way of doing things.

Currently these playbooks configure a basic Opennebula setup. Things like SSL, LDAP, Gluster etc.. are not yet included.

How to use

Edit the hosts file and add your hosts.

You need to deploy the management host first because we’ll fetch the SSH keys from this host when the hypervisor nodes get deployed.

Edit the inventory

Edit the hosts file. Put the management host under [one-mgmt]


Put all your hypervisor hosts under [kvmnodes]

[kvmnodes] listen_addr=eth0

Execute the playbooks

Execute the one_core playbook to deploy the management node including the Sunstone webui.

ansible-playbook -i hosts one_core.yml -u root -k

Next you can deploy the hypervisor nodes

ansible-playbook -i hosts one_kvmnode.yml -u root -k
We assume you have libselinux-python installed on all hosts.