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Hardwire Prepare

Ensure you have plugged in the microphone and earphone with the HEXA.

You can make a reference with

Buttons Usage

5 Buttons
  1. There are 4 buttons for different simple functions.
  2. Click 'stop' button to finish 'Listen and Play' or 'Record to the file' function.
  3. Click 'stop' to interrupt 'Play with the file recorded before' or 'Play with Origin file' if you want.
4 Functions
  1. 'Listen and Play' plays the media data which HEXA records at the same time.
  2. 'Record to the file' records the media data to a file on HEXA. The directory for skill will be removed and built every time you run mind run.
  3. 'Play with the file recorded before' plays the media if you click 'Record to the file' before.
  4. 'Play with Origin file' plays a music with the example. The file is put in directory 'robot/deps'.