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Common Lisp maintainers - the ones we can support

Sorted alphabetically by github handle. The authors' projects list is not exhaustive.

In advance, thank you!

Alex Gutev

ambrevar - Pierre Neidhardt


dnaeon - Marin Atanasov Nikolov


fukamachi - Eitaro Fukamachi

hexstreamsoft - Jean-Philippe Paradis

jackdaniel - Daniel Kochmański

jmercouris - John Mercouris

mfiano - Michael Fiano

phantomics - Andrew Sengul

phoe - Michał "phoe" Herda

shinmera - Nicolas Hafner

Read: Why make a Patreon now?

Stas Boukarev (SBCL developer)

  • github:
  • projects:
    • the SBCL implementation.
  • donate: not possible anymore at this time (he had to stop his patreon).

svetlyak40wt, 40ants - Alexander Artemenko


vindarel - Vincent Dardel

xach - Zach Beane

yitzchak - Tarn W. Burton

Supporting Lisp vendors

You can ask for commercial support and services for the following implementations:


WTF public license.