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Search song lyrics or, the other way around, search songs from lyrics.

This is a fork from lyrics that adds a terminal (readline) interface. And btw, it was done quickly with the replic library.


# clone to local-projects for quickload access
git clone ~/quicklisp/local-projects/lyrics
; Register the new project
# A sqlite3 database is used to store the lyrics
sudo pacman -S sqlite3

Optionally, build the terminal app:

make build

This produces a lyrics binary with the two commands lyrics and search-song available (see the help).

See more options and usage on replic.


  • install with Roswell
  • parse CLI args


(ql:quickload :lyrics)

Search the lyrics given an artist and a song name

(lyrics "lake of tears" "the homecoming")
=> "It's the way of a cosmic sailor, in a boat in the night
    But the wolves are not scaring him, he's alright
    Just the day, just the day away, I can feel it sometimes

Or, search in the local database for all the songs that contain a given string. The result is a list of artist name, song-name and the verse line that contains the input string.

(search-song "the night")
=> (("coldplay" "Cemeteries of London" "save the night time for your weeping")
    ("coldplay" "Cemeteries of London" "and the night over london lay")
    ("lake of tears" "Forever Autumn" "but the night becomes you")
    ("lake of tears" "The Homecoming" "And the night that showed them all to me?"))


lyrics artist song

Memoized lyrics search. Search the lyrics for the given artist and song
name. If the lyrics are not in the db, try and extract them from one of the
supported lyrics websites. If found, save the lyrics in the db and return them. If
not found, return nil.

request-lyrics list-of-artists-and-songs

Start an asynchronous request for lyrics. The argument is a list of
artist-name and song-name lists. This is a batch request for lyrics. The actual
lyrics can be later retrieved from the database since this function only returns
the thread that is started for the request.

search-song lyrics

Return a list of entries, where each entry is a list with the artist name,
the song name and the verse line where the lyrics appears. The artist name and
song can be used to request the full lyrics. There can be multiple entries for
the same artist/song combination.


lyrics uses an sqlite3 database to save all the lyrics that have been searched and found so far. The database file, ~/cl-lyrics.db, is created when the library is first loaded and it is saved in the user home folder.

The following lyrics websites are currently supported and searched for lyrics:

  • makeitpersonal
  • genius
  • songlyrics
  • metrolyrics
  • musixmatch
  • azlyrics

If the song cannot be found on any of the websites, lyrics returns nil. Otherwise lyrics returns the song lyrics and saves them in the database from where they will be fetched on the next call. The lyrics function is memoized.

The readline application is built quite automatically with the replic library.


Copyright (c) 2019 Mihai Olteanu

Licensed under the GPLv3 license.