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Downloader for Apple Developers

Download Xcode and other developer tools up to 16 times faster with resume capability.


  • 🚀 Download Xcode and other developer tools up to 16 times faster.
  • 🎥 Download WWDC, Tech Talks and other videos up to 16 times faster.
  • Resume download automatically if the download failed due to any reason.
  • Multiple downloads supported.


Using curl

Now, you can install Downloader by running the following command in your terminal -

curl -s | bash


If you face any issue using the above command then you can manually install it by downloading it from here. After that, unzip and move into the /Applications directory.

How to use

Download Xcode and Other Developer Tools

Step Description
1. Log in with your Apple Developer Account.
2. After login, you'll see the Apple Developer Downloads page.
3. Select any file to start the download.

Download WWDC, Tech Talks, and Other Videos

Step Description
1. Select "Videos (WWDC, Tech Talks, etc.)" from the right side download source list.
2. After that, you'll see the Apple Developer Videos page.
3. Select any video which you want to download.
4. Now just select "HD Video" or "SD Video" from the Resources section to start the download.


How does it work?

Basically, this program is completely dependent on aria2. aria2 is a utility for downloading files that support segmented downloading. When we start downloading, this program takes the download auth token from cookies (as well as other required parameters), and pass them to aria2.

An instance of Process takes the output from aria2 and shows it on UI. You can achieve the same with aria2 without this program, but you'd have to manually take out the auth token from cookies and other parameters and feed them into aria2.


Any contribution is more than welcome! You can contribute through pull requests and issues on GitHub


Please post any bugs to the issue tracker found on the project's GitHub page. Please include a description of what is not working right with your issue.


A special thanks to Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa and all other contributors of aria2.


MIT License