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SRFAX is a feature rich internet fax service which encompasses all aspects of fax communications with easy to use online fax management services. Online faxing services provided by SRFAX is simple, reliable, inexpensive and can also be used from mobile devices. Internet faxing is simple and easy as can be accessed using your email and so it is private and secure.

SRFAX is a registered trademark of EDC Systems, Inc.

SRFAX API for Python

SRFAX API enables you to:

  • Schedule a fax to be sent
  • Determine the status of a fax that has been scheduled for delivery
  • Retrieve a list of faxes received in a specified period of time
  • Retrieve a list of faxes sent in a specified period of time
  • Retrieve a specified sent or received fax file in PDF or TIFF format
  • Delete specified received or sent faxes.

Example Usage

from srfax import srfax

srfax_client = srfax.SRFax(<SRFAX_ACCESS_ID>,

fax_id = srfax_client.queue_fax('+11234567', '/path/to/fax/file')
status = srfax_client.get_fax_status(fax_id)

Copyright and License

SRFAX API is Copyright (c) 2012 Vingd, Inc. and licensed under the MIT license (see LICENSE.txt).