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Bootstrap skin for Active Admin 🚀 🚀 🚀
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Bootstrap skin for Active Admin.


  • Add the gem to your Gemfile:
# Note: The gem require the bootstrap-sass gem. So we need to add bootstrap-sass to Gemfile

gem 'bootstrap-sass'
gem 'active_bootstrap_skin'


  • Don't forget you have to config the bootstraps-sass first.

  • In the active_admin.scss file, you include active_bootstrap_skin. Note: You have to comment the active admin stylesheets.

// Active Admin's got SASS!
// @import "active_admin/mixins";
// @import "active_admin/base";

// Active Bootstrap
@import "active_bootstrap_skin";
  • In the active_admin.js file, you require active_bootstrap_skin.
//= require active_admin/base
//= require bootstrap-sprockets

//= require active_bootstrap_skin




Admin Responsive

Admin viewport

Admin dropdown


Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at This project is intended to be a safe, welcoming space for collaboration, and contributors are expected to adhere to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct.

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