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Building and Installing instructions for MogileFS
MogileFS can be built as several packages for later installation or
installation on several machines. It can also be built and installed
directly on this machine without packaging. Instructions are given
for both techniques.
0. Prerequisites
Before continuing, make sure you have the following prerequisite
packages installed:
- perl
- libcompress-zlib-perl
- libio-stringy-perl
- libstring-crc32-perl
- libwww-perl
- debhelper (for building debian packages)
- dpkg-dev (for building debian packages)
- fakeroot (for building debian packages)
1. Building Debian packages
A script 'bin/' will build all debian packages
and place them into the newly created 'packages' directory. The
packages are:
- libmogilefs-perl
- mogilefs-utils
- mogilefsd
- mogstored
The mogilefs-utils package can't be built unless libmogilefs-perl is
already installed. So the bin/ script needs to be
run twice, as follows:
$ bin/
$ sudo dpkg -i packages/libmogilefs-perl*.deb
$ bin/
2. Building and installing without packaging
This technique uses the standard Perl make/install process.
You can use the PREFIX= argument to set the directory into which
MogileFS will be installed. The default is $HOME/local.
** Note that some tests might fail; this doesn't necessarily mean
** that MogileFS won't work.
A script 'bin/' automates the build and install process.
Run it as follows:
$ PREFIX=$HOME/local bin/
If you want to install as root, say, do something like this instead:
$ sudo PREFIX=/usr/local bin/