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Special thanks to @brain-geek for an awesome job on Outpost! This release is his.

  • Features:

  • Added TCP Scout [@brain-geek]

  • Added support for ranges in HTTP response codes [@brain-geek]

  • Bugfix:

  • Fixing NoMethodError on unavailable host [@brain-geek]

  • Other:

  • Travis CI support!

  • Removing ruby-debug from dependency [@brain-geek]

  • Making net-ping as outpost dependency [@brain-geek]


  • Bugfix

  • Avoid using ActiveSupport methods


  • Features

  • Using arrays in Response code

  • Bugfix

  • Fixed failing test about messages not cleaning up properly in notifiers.


  • Features

  • Support for :warning status (by

  • Subclassing Outpost::Application is no longer required.

  • It is now possible to pass more than one response code to Response code expectation

  • HTTP Scout responds to response_time now

  • Added scout data to the report (so you can read acquired data)

  • Support for creating scouts without any expectations (good if you're

interested in the data value but not if they mean system is either up or down)


  • Features

  • Adding support for Notifications (Email and Campfire)

  • RDoc documentation

  • Refactoring, tests and cleanups

  • Deprecations

  • Renaming Outpost::DSL to Outpost::Application

  • Bug Fixes

  • Fixing Rake task to publish the gem (by

  • HTTP Scout now fails when it is not able to connect to the server


* Initial release
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