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This is my vim configuration, a big mix from a lot of what I've seen on the net.
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My vimfiles

My own Vimfiles. I tend to use vim-pathogen so plugins are easier to update.


  • auto-identation, syntax highlight and all the basic stuff you would expect
    from a decent text editor
  • Pathogen for organizing vim plugins into it's own place
  • Spelling with ,s and ,S to deactivate
  • Strip whitespace on the end of lines for a set of filetypes
  • Command + number and Command Arrows (I know, I'm a noob) to change tabs
  • Ctrl-l inputs a => (i like this, specially when you map capslock to ctrl)
  • A cool status bar
  • Ruby syntax error detector!
  • shift visually selected block with tab and s-tab


  • snippets - obvious reasons
  • pathogen - set vim plugins into bundles, more organized
  • rails.vim - the awesomeness of awesome for rails programming
  • Commant-T - TextMate-like file finder, pretty cool (requires some setup!)
  • tComment - Comment code easily
  • vim-ragtag - awesome erb and html editing
  • surround - change surroundings, such as ( " [
  • vim-unimpaired - adds blank lines, swap lines, pretty cool
  • fugitive - Gdiff looks very cool
  • zencoding-vim - one day I'll learn how to be proefficient with this.
  • endwise - automagically adds end in your if's and do's etc
  • speeddating - increases and decreases dates as you do with numbers
  • matchit - navigation++ with %
  • supertab - code completion
  • syntastic - syntax checking
  • pastie
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