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Project for the Udacity React Nanodegree
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Udacity Readable

This project was made to React Nanodegree.

Basically, the app is a basic forum with no authentication to handle posts or comments. This app is running with React, Redux and a Node.js back-end.

Cloning the repository

On terminal, go to the desired folder to clone this repository.

git clone

Installing dependencies

You have to install on both client and api server folder:

cd client
yarn install or npm install
cd api-server
yarn install or npm install

Running our application

To initialize our application we have to run both client and api server.

On the api-server folder:

yarn start or npm start

Open another terminal on the client folder:

yarn start or npm start

Your browser will open with the following url: http://localhost:3000


Our app counts with a route for each category of post:

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