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Google CL

Build Status

GoogleCL is a command line utility to use google services like picasa, youtube, blogger etc.


It was originally written by Tom H. Miller at Google and was hosted here.

This is a github fork of the project.


Installation is simple, Just run this command in your shell:

git clone
cd googlecl
python install


The authentication has been ported to Oauth2 but due to the breaking changes gdata-python client there are still some rough edges.

When using for the first time,it would ask to authenticate using a google account and will save the credentials ~/.googlecl.conf file.

All further API calls are authenticated automatically using this file and if the access token gets refreshed it is also written back to this file.

$ python src/ picasa list --title=vinit

# Results of the query below

Refreshing access_token
Auto Backup,
vinit ,

Porting is still a WIP but it will get completed as I manage to spend more time on it.


Few things should be kept in notice before contributing:

  • Follow PEP8, earlier code used 2-space indent. I changed it to 4 spaces as pretty much every other codebase has same conventions.
  • Send a pull-request and clearly mention what bug or feature you are working on.

Thanks :)