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Node Twitter

Node twitter is an effort to rewrite some of Twitters functionality using modern javascript based toolchain. It was mostly an effort to learn Node.js and trying to reverse engineer some of twitter's feature.


You would require Node, NPM and MongoDB installed:

The configuration is in config/config.js. Please create your own github application Github Developer Settings and replace the token and keys.

var path = require('path'),
    rootPath = path.normalize(__dirname + '/..');
module.exports = {
  production: {
    db: '',
    root: rootPath,
    app: {
      name: 'Node Twitter'
    github: {
      clientID: '',
      clientSecret: '',
      callbackURL: ''


# First install all the requirements.
λ npm install
# Now run the project
λ ~/projects/js/node-twitter/ master npm start

> nwitter@0.0.1-59 start /Users/vinitkumar/projects/js/node-twitter
> node server.js

Express app started on port 3000


Vinit Kumar

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If you enjoy node-twitter, you can support the development here. :)