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White Paper

White Paper is a jekyll theme for tech blogs. It is clean and simple with good semantic structure.

white-paper image


  • Fork the project.
  • Change the fields in _config.yml.
name: White Paper <-- Change the name to the title you want.
url: http://foobar.com <-- This must be changed to your website url, so if 
it is http://foobar.com, set it to foobar.com
  • Change the links in header.html.
<!-- change the below link to where you want them to point to. -->
<li><a href="/white-paper"><span class="mega-octicon octicon-terminal" style="margin-right: 6px;"></span>White Paper</a></li>
<li><a href="/white-paper/about"><span class="mega-octicon octicon-person" style="margin-right: 6px;"></span>About</a></li>

Test the website live while editing the code:


Report issues or feature request here.