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Automatic content creator for Discourse
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Autobot plugin for Discourse


Currently it supports importing from below

  • YouTube Channel
  • Website RSS Feed
  • Twitter User Timeline


  • Can configure how frequent Discourse should poll from source for content.
  • Import content as either new topic or reply post for exsiting topic.
  • Setting custom owner username for improted posts.


  • To import from any YouTube channels you have to configure Google API key in Site Settings.
  • To import tweets configure twitter consumer key and secret.

Further Development:

  • Ability to hide source URL for RSS feed imports. (via Campaign setting)


Register a YouTube API key.

(Taken from Google deveeloper docs:

  • You need a Google Account to access the Google Developers Console, request an API key, and register your application.
  • Create a project in the Google Developers Console and obtain authorization credentials so your application can submit API requests.
  • After creating your project, make sure the YouTube Data API is one of the services that your application is registered to use:
  • Go to the Developers Console and select the project that you just registered.
  • Open the API Library in the Google Developers Console. If prompted, select a project or create a new one. In the list of APIs, make sure the status is ON for the YouTube Data API v3.
  • If your application will use any API methods that require user authorization, read the authentication guide to learn how to implement OAuth 2.0 authorization.
  • Select a client library to simplify your API implementation.
  • Familiarize yourself with the core concepts of the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) data format. JSON is a common, language-independent data format that provides a simpleext representation of arbitrary data structures. For more information, see

Add the plugin repo.

  • cd /var/discourse/containers and edit app.yml .
  • add repo to the plugin section: - git clone .
  • cd /var/discourse & ./launcer rebuild app .

Setup plugin for YouTube.

  • Once your app has rebuilt, navigate to /admin/plugins/autobot/campaigns in the browser
  • create "New Campaign" filling in the required details.
  • Provider: select YouTube.
  • Source: choose Channel
  • Channel Id: to obtain a YouTube channel's ID, go to channel URL, click on "Videos", the ID will be the value after /channel/ and before /videos - copy this value into the "Channel Id" field.
  • Category: selecting a category will import new videos to said cateory or ..
  • Topic Id: alternatively, selecting "Topic Id" will add each video as a reply to that topic. Topic Id can be obtained from going to a topic on discourse and noting the number at the end of the URL.
  • Polling Interval(in minutes): the polling interval is how long the plugin should reach out to the API.
  • Username for post ownership: choose a username to be attributed to the posts.
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