Addon for Ektorp ( that enables searching couchdb with couchdb-lucene
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I created this project to enable the use of couchdb-lucene with ektorp for couchdb. The Ektorp project does not directly support couchdb-lucene as it is not core to couchdb lucene.

Version 0.1.1 supports ektorp 1.0.2 Version 0.1.2 supports ektorp 1.1.0 Version 0.1.3 supports ektorp 1.1.1

Minimum System Requirement

Java 1.5 (or Above) is required. Personnaly I use Sun Java 6

Issue Tracking

Issue tracking at github.


This is a really basic package. Please Read Ektorp Minimal Configuration first. LuceneAwareCouchDbConnector extends, and basically replaces, StdCouchDbConnector in that case:

HttpClient httpClient = new StdHttpClient.Builder().build()
CouchDbInstance dbInstance = new StdCouchDbInstance(httpClient);
LuceneAwareCouchDbConnector db = new LuceneAwareCouchDbConnector("my_first_database", dbInstance);

LuceneQuery is then a tool that builds the couchdb-lucene query, anything in that pojo should match the arguments for couchdb-lucene.

Using a LuceneQuery one can then call luceneAwareCouchDbConnector.queryLucene. This returns a LuceneResult, that should match the response from couchdb-lucene.


EktorpLucene is now available in the maven repositories. Please at this to your dependencies: com.github.ldriscoll ektorplucene 0.1.3


Please take a look at LuceneSearchTest.testSearch for a basic sample of how to use it.