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A Composer version manager tool
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A Composer version manager tool made with inspiration from this NPM package. Find newer versions of dependencies than what your composer.json allows.

alt-three/logger                1.0.2      →     1.1.0
graham-campbell/exceptions      5.0.0      →     5.1.0
jenssegers/optimus              0.1.4      →     0.2.0
vinkla/hashids                  1.1.0      →     2.2.0

This is now added to Composer, please use outdated command instead.

composer outdated --outdated


You can install Climb with either Homebrew (recommended), manually or with Composer.


Run this command to install Climb with Homebrew.

brew install homebrew/php/climb


You can run the commands below to easily access climb from anywhere on your system.

chmod +x climb
sudo mv climb.phar /usr/local/bin/climb
climb --version

You may also use the downloaded PHAR file directly:

php climb.phar --version


Run this command to install Climb globally with Composer.

composer global require vinkla/climb

Be sure to have composer binaries in your $PATH:

export PATH=${PATH}:${HOME}/.composer/vendor/bin;


All Climb commands can does have an optional flag called --global or -g to run on your globally installed packages.


Find newer versions of dependencies than what your composer.json allows.

# or
climb outdated

In order to send flags to this command you must write it out as climb outdated. Running for example climb --global wont work. Instead run climb outdated --global to get the correct feedback.


Update composer.json dependencies versions.

climb update


Climb is licensed under The MIT License (MIT).