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Ruby client for the Dota 2 WebAPI
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dota is a Ruby client for the Dota 2 WebAPI.


Valve provides a GetSupportedAPIList endpoint that returns all the available endpoints in their API you can use, along with the parameters they accept. The following are supported by dota:

  • GetLeagueListing
  • GetMatchDetails
  • GetMatchHistory
  • GetFriendList
  • GetHeroes
  • GetGameItems
  • GetRarities
  • GetTeamInfoByTeamID
  • GetLiveLeagueGames
  • GetScheduledLeagueGames

Unsupported endpoints (including GetSupportedAPIList) can still be queried via custom requests using Dota.api.get.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'dota', '~> 0.0.21'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it in your local repository:

$ gem install dota -v 0.0.21


Get your Steam API key here and make sure the gem is configured to use it. If you're using Rails, this might go in an initializer like config/initializers/dota.rb.

Dota.configure do |config|
  config.api_key = ENV.fetch("STEAM_API_KEY")

  # Set API version (defaults to "v1")
  # config.api_version = "v1"

Then use the client:

api = Dota.api

api.heroes(43)                   # => (Cached) A single hero - "Death Prophet"
api.heroes                       # => (Cached) All heroes

api.items(114)                   # => (Cached) A single item - "Heart of Tarrasque"
api.items                        # => (Cached) All items

api.abilities(5003)              # => (Cached) A single ability - "Mana Break"
api.abilities                    # => (Cached) All abilities

api.cosmetic_rarities            # => All cosmetic rarities

api.teams(1375614)               # => A single team - "Newbee"
api.teams                        # => A list of teams
api.teams(after: 1375614)        #    Allowed options:
                                 #    :after - Integer, With team IDs equal or greater than this
                                 #    :limit - Integer, Amount of teams to return (default is 100)

api.leagues                      # => All leagues

api.matches(789645621)           # => A single match - "Newbee vs Vici Gaming"
api.matches                      # => A list of matches
api.matches(hero_id: 43)         #    Allowed options:
                                 #    :hero_id     - Integer, With this hero. See Dota::API::Hero.mapping
                                 #    :after       - Integer, With match IDs equal or less than this
                                 #    :player_id   - Integer, With this player (32-bit Steam ID)
                                 #    :league_id   - Integer, In this league. Use Dota.leagues to get a list of leagues
                                 #    :mode_id     - Integer, In this game mode. See Dota::API::Match::MODES
                                 #    :skill_level - Integer, In this skill level (ignored if :player_id is provided). See Dota::API::Match::SKILL_LEVELS
                                 #    :from        - Integer, Minimum timestamp
                                 #    :to          - Integer, Maximum timestamp
                                 #    :min_players - Integer, With at least this number of players
                                 #    :league_only - Boolean, Only league matches
                                 #    :limit       - Integer, Amount of matches to return (default is 100)

api.live_matches                 # => All live league matches
api.live_matches(league_id: 600) #    Allowed options:
                                 #    :league_id - Integer, In this league. Use Dota.leagues to get a list of leagues
                                 #    :match_id  - Integer, With this match

api.scheduled_matches            # => All scheduled league matches
api.scheduled_matches(from: 123) #    Allowed options:
                                 #    :from - Integer, Minimum timestamp
                                 #    :to   - Integer, Maximum timestamp

api.friends(76561198052976237)   # => All friends of user

Custom Requests

For the unsupported endpoints, you can use api.get. For example, the following code is similar to api.matches(789645621) except it will return the raw JSON payload instead of an array of Dota::Matches.

api.get("IDOTA2Match_570", "GetMatchDetails", match_id: 789645621)

Setting api_version here also overrides the current configuration:

api.get("IDOTA2Match_570", "GetMatchDetails", match_id: 789645621, api_version: "v1")

API Objects

Heroes        # Integer, ID of the hero      # String, Name of the hero
hero.image_url # String, URL of the hero portrait

Items        # Integer, ID of the item      # String, Name of the item
item.image_url # String, URL of the item image

Teams              # Integer, ID of the team            # String, Name of the team
team.tag             # String, Abbreviation tag of the team
team.country_code    # String, ISO 3166-1 country code (see
team.admin_id        # Integer, Team admin's 32-bit Steam ID
team.player_ids      # Array[Integer], Players' 32-bit Steam IDs
team.logo_id         # Integer, UGC ID of the team's logo
team.sponsor_logo_id # Integer, UGC ID of the sponsor's logo
team.rating          # String, ???
team.url             # String, URL of the team's website
team.created_at      # Time, When the team was created

Leagues          # Integer, ID of the league        # String, Name of the league
league.description # String, A description of the league
league.url         # String, URL of the league's website


Caveat: Getting a list of matches via api.matches will call GetMatchHistory which has very few attributes for the matches returned (obviously for performance reasons), as opposed to getting info about a particular match via api.matches(id) which will instead call GetMatchDetails. In both cases, the matches returned will be instances of Dota::API::Match. In the future, there will be subclasses to distinguish the two.

When an instance method in a Dota::API::Match class returns nil, it most likely means the endpoint called doesn't provide it yet.

match.radiant        # Dota::API::Match::Side, Info about the team on the Radiant side
match.dire           # Dota::API::Match::Side, Info about the team on the Dire side             # Integer, ID of the match
match.league_id      # Integer, ID of the league this match was a part of
match.type           # String, See Dota::API::Match::TYPES
match.type_id        # Integer, See Dota::API::Match::TYPES
match.mode           # String, See Dota::API::Match::MODES
match.mode_id        # Integer, See Dota::API::Match::MODES
match.sequence       # Integer, A 'sequence number', representing the order in which matches were recorded
match.season         # Integer, Season the match was played in
match.cluster        # Integer, Server cluster the match was played on
match.starts_at      # Time, When the match started
match.first_blood    # Integer, Seconds since the match started when first blood occurred
match.duration       # Integer, Length of the match, in seconds since the match began
match.winner         # Symbol, :radiant or :dire
match.positive_votes # Integer, Number of thumbs-up the game has received
match.negative_votes # Integer, Number of thumbs-down the game has received
match.players_count  # Integer, Number of players in the match

match.drafts         # Array[Dota::API::Match::Draft], Picks and bans in the match, if the game mode is "Captains Mode"

# Dota::API::Match::Draft
draft.order          # Integer, 1-20
draft.pick?          # Boolean, true if the draft is a pick, and not a ban           # Symbol, :radiant or :dire
draft.hero           # Dota::API::Hero || Dota::API::MissingHero, Picked or banned hero

Live Matches

live_match.radiant          # Dota::API::LiveMatch::Side, Info about the team on the Radiant side
live_match.dire             # Dota::API::LiveMatch::Side, Info about the team on the Dire side               # Integer, ID of the match
live_match.lobby_id         # Integer, ID of the lobby
live_match.spectators_count # Integer, Number of spectators watching on DotaTV
live_match.league_id        # Integer, ID of the league
live_match.stream_delay     # Integer, Number of seconds the stream is behind actual game time
live_match.series_type      # Integer, Best of X series
live_match.league_tier      # String, What tier the match's league is
live_match.duration         # Integer, Length of the match, in seconds since the match began
live_match.roshan_timer     # Integer, Seconds until Roshan respawns

Scheduled Matches

scheduled_match.league_id   # Integer, ID of the league
scheduled_match.game_id     # Integer, ID of the game
scheduled_match.teams       # Array[Dota::API::Team], List of teams who are playing each other
scheduled_match.starts_at   # Time, When the match is scheduled to start
scheduled_match.description # String, Description of the match      # Boolean, true if the game is the last of the series

Sides - Radiant/Dire              # Integer, Team's ID
radiant.logo_id         # Integer, Team logo's UGC ID            # String, Team's name
radiant.complete?       # Boolean, true if the team's roster is complete
radiant.players         # Array[Dota::API::Match::Player|Dota::API::LiveMatch::Player], Players in the match
radiant.tower_status    # Hash, Status of team's towers (`true` - tower is standing, `false` - tower is destroyed)
radiant.barracks_status # Hash, Status of team's barracks (`true` - barrack is standing, `false` - barrack is destroyed)

# Additional methods in Match::Side
radiant.captain_id      # Integer, Team captain's 32-bit Steam ID

# Additional methods in LiveMatch::Side
radiant.score       # Integer, The team's current score
radiant.series_wins # Integer, Number of wins in the series so far

Players                # Integer, 32-bit Steam ID
player.hero              # Dota::API::Hero || Dota::API::MissingHero, Player's hero
player.items             # Array[Dota::API::Item], Player's inventory (6 items)
player.slot              # Integer, (1-5)
player.level             # Integer, The player's level at match end
player.kills             # Integer, Number of kills attributed to this player
player.deaths            # Integer, Times this player died during the match
player.assists           # Integer, Number of assists the player got
player.last_hits         # Integer, Number of last-hits the player got
player.denies            # Integer, Number of denies the player got              # Integer, Amount of gold the player had remaining at the end of the match
player.gpm               # Integer, Player's overall gold/minute
player.xpm               # Integer, Player's overall experience/minute

# Additional methods in Match::Player
player.status            # Symbol, :played, :left_safe, :abandoned, or :bot
player.gold_spent        # Integer, Amount of gold the player spent
player.hero_damage       # Integer, Amount of damage the player dealt to heroes
player.tower_damage      # Integer, Amount of damage the player dealt to towers
player.hero_healing      # Integer, Amount of health the player had healed on heroes
player.additional_units  # Array[Dota::API::Unit], Units under player's control (for example, summoned ones)
player.ability_upgrades  # Array[Dota::API:AbilityUpgrade], Player's learned abilities (up to 25)

# Additional methods in LiveMatch::Player              # String, Name of the player
player.net_worth         # Integer
player.ultimate_state    # Integer
player.ultimate_cooldown # Integer
player.respawn_timer     # Integer
player.position_x        # Float
player.position_y        # Float

Units  # String, Unit's name
unit.items # Array[Dota::API:Item], Unit's inventory (6 slots)

Ability Upgrades

ability_upgrade.time    # Integer, Seconds since the match started when the player learned an ability
ability_upgrade.level   # Integer, Player's level when the ability was learned
ability_upgrade.ability # Dota::API::Ability

Abilities        # Integer, ID of the ability      # String, Name of the ability (for example, "Mana Break")
ability.image_url # String, URL of the ability image
                  # Allowed arguments:
                  # :lg  - default, 128x128 PNG image
                  # :hp1 - 90x90 PNG image
                  # :hp2 - 105x105 PNG image

Cosmetic Rarities    # Integer, ID of the rarity, used for indexing
rarity.order # Integer, Sorting and logical order, from most distributed to least  # String, Localized display name
rarity.color # String, The hexadecimal RGB tuple

Friends           # Integer, Friend's 64-bit Steam ID
friend.relationship # String, Relation to the player
friend.made_at      # Time, When the friend was added to the player's friend list



Copyright © Vinni Carlo Caños

Distributed under the MIT License.

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