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TagLib 1.8 (In Development)
* Support for writing ID3v2.3 tags.
* Added methods for checking if WMA and MP4 files are DRM-protected.
* Started using atomic int operations for reference counting.
TagLib 1.7.2 (Apr 20, 2012)
* Fixed division by zero while parsing corrupted MP4 files (CVE-2012-2396).
* Fixed compilation on Haiku.
TagLib 1.7.1 (Mar 17, 2012)
* Improved parsing of corrupted WMA, RIFF and OGG files.
* Fixed a memory leak in the WMA parser.
* Fixed a memory leak in the FLAC parser.
* Fixed a possible division by zero in the APE parser.
* Added detection of TTA2 files.
* Fixed saving of multiple identically named tags to Vorbis Comments.
TagLib 1.7 (Mar 11, 2011)
* Fixed memory leaks in the FLAC file format parser.
* Fixed bitrate calculation for WAV files.
1.7 RC1:
* Support for reading/writing tags from Monkey's Audio files. (BUG:210404)
* Support for reading/writing embedded pictures from WMA files.
* Support for reading/writing embedded pictures from FLAC files (BUG:218696).
* Implemented APE::Tag::isEmpty() to check for all APE tags, not just the
basic ones.
* Added reading of WAV audio length. (BUG:116033)
* Exposed FLAC MD5 signature of the uncompressed audio stream via
FLAC::Properties::signature(). (BUG:160172)
* Added function ByteVector::toHex() for hex-encoding of byte vectors.
* WavPack reader now tries to get the audio length by finding the final
block, if the header doesn't have the information. (BUG:258016)
* Fixed a memory leak in the ID3v2.2 PIC frame parser. (BUG:257007)
* Fixed writing of RIFF files with even chunk sizes. (BUG:243954)
* Fixed compilation on MSVC 2010.
* Removed support for building using autoconf/automake.
* API docs can be now built using "make docs".
TagLib 1.6.3 (Apr 17, 2010)
* Fixed definitions of the TAGLIB_WITH_MP4 and TAGLIB_WITH_ASF macros.
* Fixed upgrading of ID3v2.3 genre frame with ID3v1 code 0 (Blues).
* New method `int String::toInt(bool *ok)` which can return whether the
conversion to a number was successfull.
* Fixed parsing of incorrectly written lengths in ID3v2 (affects mainly
compressed frames). (BUG:231075)
TagLib 1.6.2 (Apr 9, 2010)
* Read Vorbis Comments from the first FLAC metadata block, if there are
multipe ones. (BUG:211089)
* Fixed a memory leak in FileRef's OGA format detection.
* Fixed compilation with the Sun Studio compiler. (BUG:215225)
* Handle WM/TrackNumber attributes with DWORD content in WMA files.
* More strict check if something is a valid MP4 file. (BUG:216819)
* Correctly save MP4 int-pair atoms with flags set to 0.
* Fixed compilation of the test runner on Windows.
* Store ASF attributes larger than 64k in the metadata library object.
* Ignore trailing non-data atoms when parsing MP4 covr atoms.
* Don't upgrade ID3v2.2 frame TDA to TDRC. (BUG:228968)
TagLib 1.6.1 (Oct 31, 2009)
* Better detection of the audio codec of .oga files in FileRef.
* Fixed saving of Vorbis comments to Ogg FLAC files. TagLib tried to
include the Vorbis framing bit, which is only correct for Ogg Vorbis.
* Public symbols now have explicitly set visibility to "default" on GCC.
* Added missing exports for static ID3v1 functions.
* Fixed a typo in taglib_c.pc
* Fixed a failing test on ppc64.
* Support for binary 'covr' atom in MP4 files. TagLib 1.6 treated them
as text atoms, which corrupted them in some cases.
* Fixed ID3v1-style genre to string conversion in MP4 files.
TagLib 1.6 (Sep 13, 2009)
* New CMake option to build a static version - ENABLE_STATIC.
* Added support for disabling dllimport/dllexport on Windows using the
* Support for parsing the obsolete 'gnre' MP4 atom.
* New cpp macros TAGLIB_WITH_MP4 and TAGLIB_WITH_ASF to determin if
TagLib was built with MP4/ASF support.
1.6 RC1:
* Split Ogg packets larger than 64k into multiple pages. (BUG:171957)
* TagLib can now use FLAC padding block. (BUG:107659)
* ID3v2.2 frames are now not incorrectly saved. (BUG:176373)
* Support for ID3v2.2 PIC frames. (BUG:167786)
* Fixed a bug in ByteVectorList::split().
* XiphComment::year() now falls back to YEAR if DATE doesn't exist
and XiphComment::year() falls back to TRACKNUM if TRACKNUMBER doesn't
exist. (BUG:144396)
* Improved ID3v2.3 genre parsing. (BUG:188578)
* Better checking of corrupted ID3v2 APIC data. (BUG:168382)
* Bitrate calculating using the Xing header now uses floating point
numbers. (BUG:172556)
* New TagLib::String method rfind().
* Added support for MP4 file format with iTunes-style metadata [optional].
* Added support for ASF (WMA) file format [optional].
* Fixed crash when saving a Locator APEv2 tag. (BUG:169810)
* Fixed a possible crash in the non-const version of String::operator[]
and in String::operator+=. (BUG:169389)
* Added support for PRIV ID3v2 frames.
* Empty ID3v2 genres are no longer treated as numeric ID3v1 genres.
* Added support for the POPM (rating/playcount) ID3v2 frame.
* Generic RIFF file format support:
* Support for AIFF files with ID3v2 tags.
* Support for WAV files with ID3v2 tags.
* Fixed crash on handling unsupported ID3v2 frames, e.g. on encrypted
frames. (BUG:161721)
* Fixed overflow while calculating bitrate of FLAC files with a very
high bitrate.
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