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freshivore - Twitter, Instagram lifestream.

This is a simple life stream aggregate made using node + coffeescript + redis + heroku

Layout is compiled using jade templating. Feel free to edit, hack and extend this to your heart's content.

node is required to fiddle with this app locally


  1. Clone the repo

    % git clone git://
  2. Install the Heroku command line tools if you don't have them installed yet.

  3. Create a new Heroku application and (optionally) rename it:

    % heroku create --stack cedar
    % heroku rename your-stream-name
  4. Add [Redis To Go]

    % heroku addons:add redistogo
  5. Configure it:

    You will need to set a configuration variable if you are hosting on the free Heroku plan.

    % heroku config:add HEROKU_URL=

    Where the URL is your Heroku app's URL.

    Set your instagram OAuth token

    % heroku config:add INSTAGRAM_TOKEN="..."

    Set the instagram user you want to show recent media for

    % heroku config:add INSTAGRAM_USERID="..."
  6. Deploy and start your stream

    % git push heroku master
    % heroku ps:scale web=1
  7. Running locally

    To run locally on OSX or Linux you'll need a .env file in the root of your app containing the same INSTAGRAM_USERID=foo and INSTAGRAM_TOKEN=bar configs

    Bootstrapping the app: You must install the required libraries using npm.

    % npm install

    Running: From the root of your app start foreman and view your stream at localhost:5000

    % foreman start
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