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commit 3673279c2d375d1e3d3e2b895f50f2e44d28ead8 1 parent ea2b97c
@michaelcullum michaelcullum authored
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14 trunk/1.0.0/install.xml
@@ -97,6 +97,20 @@
<change>Updated to phpBB 3.0.9</change>
<change>Updated to phpBB 3.0.10</change>
<change>Remove Post Reply Button</change>
+ <change>Add line breaks in success and fail messages</change>
+ <change>Add sucess messages for deletion of articles and comments</change>
+ <change>Fixed comment submission message</change>
+ <change>Fixed comment edited</change>
+ <change>Support for Custom BBcodes</change>
+ <change>Made W3C XHTML Valid</change>
+ <change>Making ACP Language work with multiple actions</change>
+ <change>Fixing numerous debug and other issues</change>
+ <change>Code cleanup</change>
+ <change>New version check server location (somewhere more reliable).</change>
+ <change>Credit Link updated</change>
+ <change>blog.css added</change>
+ <change>ACP Improvments</change>
+ <change>Package ready for 1.0.0 and valdiation</change>
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