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== Dependencies

- git >= 1.5
- ruby >= 1.9.2
- rubygems >= 1.3.7
- mongodb >= 1.7
- ruby on rails 3

== Install Dependencies

sudo gem install bundler

== Getting Started

1. Download the sources:

    git clone git://

    cd shapado/

2. Configure the application

    cp config/shapado.sample.yml config/shapado.yml
    cp config/mongoid.sample.yml config/mongoid.yml
    cp config/auth_providers.sample.yml config/auth_providers.yml

    edit shapado.yml and auth_providers.yml

    Go to and create an account, then:
    cp config/shapado.yml.sample config/newrelic.yml

    If you don't want to use newrelic, just comment it out in the Gemfile.

3. Install dependencies

    bundle install

4. Load default data

    rake bootstrap RAILS_ENV=development

5. Add default subdomain to /etc/hosts, for example:

    " localhost.lan group1.localhost.lan group2.localhost.lan"

6. Start the server

    rails server -e development

7. When running shapado in production, you need to run:


== Postfix config

add the following text to /etc/aliases
    shapado: "|/usr/local/rvm/bin/rvm 1.9.2 exec PATH/to/shapado/script/handle_email"

in /etc/postfix/
    default_privs = shapado

then type
    sudo newaliases

Follow us on:




Talk to us at:

* irc://


* contact \aT/ shapado d0t com

Report bugs at and use the tags "bug" or "feature-request"

Happy hacking!

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