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Remote controller for Nexa devices using Raspberry Pi
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This small project was written in order to use Raspberry Pi as a central controller for Nexa remote-controlled electrical outlets.


Besides Nexa electrical outlets itself and Raspberry Pi, you will need a 433 MHz transmitter module for Rasberry Pi like this one.


All tests were performed on Raspberry Pi with Raspbian OS.

RPi.GPIO python package is required.

Currently I run this installation on Raspberry Pi 2 with Raspbian Wheezy.

Configuration can be done via controller_config.ini or the web interface (

Manual switch

To perform manual switch on/off (e.g. to pair RPi with the outlet), use:

python on|off data_pin_number transmitter_code

How to start

Start it using ./

It also starts a simple REST server on port 8080, which accepts /open and /close GET requests.

Log will be written to /run/nexa_controller.log and /run/nexa_rest_server.log


  • TimeController module enables selected electric outlet between sunrise and sunset for your geographical location (fetched by public IP of Raspberry Pi gateway)
  • PresenceController module allows to enable selected electric outlet only when configured MAC addresses are connected to the local router (tested on ASUS RT-AC66U).

Many thanks to this blog author for a comprehensive Nexa protocol analysis public API is used to fetch geo position based on public IP address public API is used to calculate twilight timings based on location

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