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About Qwarrel App

1. Qwarrel App is nothing but  a Discussion Forum. Basically this mobile app is  developed using Jquery mobile, Visual force and Apex and force.com sites. 

2. Qwarrel App is browser based mobile application,

3. this Qwarrel app has also Facebook login option to post the comments/topic but as a guest Users also can view the Qwarrel App.

4. Here the Qwarrel app  basically  the information is organized  as the Categories like Books, Movies , Creativity & innovative ideas ….

5 . Under these Categories an User can create a topic/view the topics. Here the topic acts as a discussion thread for user to discuss that is by means of posting comments,

6. But for posting the comments an User should be logged in using Facebook User id. 

7. I have used Facebook integration api to communicate from SFDC and Facebook.

8. And also there is a separate Facebook app is created in Facebook called Qwarrel, 

9. This app does not require the SFDC user id and this app is used for community for sharing the information across sales user/Customers/Contacts/Accounts in SFDC who has Facebook User id.

10. As a future enhancements, We can also provide SFDC authentication and authorization using SFDC rest api.

Test Data for Qwarrel App:

1. Books
    a. Apex  -  Business  Logic/Custom Logic in SFDC 
    b. Visual Force - For UI interface in SFDC 
    c. Adobe Flex -  To build RIA 
    d. Webservices  - Integration with Third part apps.
    e. Rest Api 
    f.  ORM tools. - Object to Relational Mapping.
2. Movies. 
     a. Spider Man
     b.  Titanic
     c.  Lord of the Rings
     d. Mission Impossible 
3. Creativity and Innovative Ideas. 
      a. Future Mobile Apps.
      b. Cloud Computing