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StarClinch Booking App

Click Show in the header to see the booking app live. Updates to your code will instantly deploy and update live.


On the front-end,

  • static/js/book.js and static/css/book.css are supporting files for main booking app
  • views/index.html is the main booking app
  • views/404.html is the 404 error page that shows up when a recoed in Airtable is not found
  • views/test.html is the default page, that has a PYR button
  • views/thanks.html is the page the user sees after a successful shortlist

All pages have Google Analytics integrated.

On the back-end,

  • app starts at server.js, which is an API wrapper for Airtable and Pipedrive
  • add frameworks and packages in package.json
  • secrets in .env (nobody can see this but you and people you invite)

Coded by Jazzy from StarClinch (Jasdev Singh)

\ ゜o゜)ノ

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