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= LaunchingSoon
==== ===================
Launching soon is a plugin that helps rails projects to manage a dedicated launching soon page before the actual launch date. The plugin also collects email from potential customers.
Options available to store subscriber's email addresses are:
1. CSV file (public/data.csv).
2. Campaign Monitor (
3. Mail Chimp (
4. Database.
=== Pre-requisites
You need an account (API Key and List ID) with:
* Campaign Monitor If you want to use Campaign Monitor as a store for subscriber's email address (
* MailChimp If you want to use MailChimp as a store for subscriber's email address (
=== Dependencies
If you are using Campaign Monitor this plugin requires the following gems:
gnumarcelo-campaigning (sudo gem install gnumarcelo-campaigning -s
gnumarcelo-campaigning gem requires the following gems: Soap4r (sudo gem install soap4r)
=== Installation
The latest version is available on GitHub. There are a few options for installing LaunchingSoon.
Install as a Rails plugin:
script/plugin install git://
Clone from the Github repository:
git clone git://
=== Configuration
Configuration is done via RAILS_ROOT/config/launching_soon.yml.
The options that you must specify are:
1. css_file_name
2. html_file_name
3. option_to_store_email (default: csv)
4. campaign_monitor_api_key and campaign_monitor_list_id
mail_chimp_api_key and mail_chimp_list_id
Example configuration (RAILS_ROOT/config/launching_soon.yml)
html_file_name : launching_soon.html.erb # launching soon page contants (app/views/launching_soon.html.erb)
css_file_name : launching_soon.css # stylesheet for launching soon page (public/stylesheets/launching_soon.css)
option_to_store_email : csv # option are : csv | campaign_monitor | mail_chimp | db
campaign_monitor_api_key : _put_here_your_api_key_ # CAMPAIGN_MONITOR_API_KEY
campaign_monitor_list_id : _put_here_your_list_id_ # CAMPAIGN_MONITOR_LIST_ID
mail_chimp_api_key : _put_here_your_api_key_ # MAIL_CHIMP_API_KEY
mail_chimp_list_id : _put_here_your_list_id_ # MAIL_CHIMP_LIST_ID
csv_file_name : data.csv # file to store email addresses of the subscribers (public/data.csv)
=== Usage
Step 1 : First, include the LaunchingSoon in ApplicationController:
class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
include LaunchingSoon # if Rails.env.development?
Step 2 : Add following routes to your applications routes.rb
ActionController::Routing::Routes.draw do |map|
map.resources :news_letter_subscribers, :only => [:create]
OR, alternatively run the following command
ruby script/generate launching_soon_routes
Step 3 : Generate migration to add news_letter_subscribers table
class CreateNewsLetterSubscribers < ActiveRecord::Migration
def self.up
create_table :news_letter_subscribers do |t|
t.string :email
add_index :news_letter_subscribers, :email
def self.down
drop_table :news_letter_subscribers
OR, alternatively run the following command
rake db:migrate:launching_soon
=== Issue Tracker
Please submit any bugs or annoyances on the lighthouse tracker at
Copyright (c) 2009 [], released under the MIT license