How to install player backends

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Info about the player backends

  • GStreamer-Cairo Uses the GStreamer for decoding the stream and Cairo for rendering (done in software). Most compatible out of all the player backends but can sometimes stutter/drop frames/etc when the CPU is under load or trying to render a high resolution stream.
  • GStreamer-OpenGL Again uses GStreamer, but instead uses OpenGL for rendering (done in hardware). A much better choice if your hardware is compatible. You should experience virtually no lag and the stream should be rendered smoothly.
  • GStreamer-Clutter Similar to GStreamer-OpenGL but uses Clutter (done in hardware) to do the rendering, which internally also uses OpenGL. You can try this if you are having problems with the GStreamer-OpenGL but otherwise they should offer similar performance.
  • MPV-OpenGL Dumps the GStreamer dependency, which can be a bit clunky on non-GNOME systems. Still uses OpenGL to do the rendering (done in hardware) but opts for MPV when decoding the stream.

From source

Root install

meson build \
    -Dbuild-executable=false \
sudo ninja -C build install

Note: ${PLAYER_BACKENDS_YOU_WANT} should be replaced with a comma separated list of gstreamer-opengl,gstreamer-cairo,gstreamer-clutter,mpv-opengl, for example -Dbuild-player-backends=gstreamer-cairo,mpv-opengl

Local install

meson build --prefix=$HOME/.local --libdir=share \
    -Dbuild-executable=false \
ninja -C build install

Arch linux

Simply install one of the following packages:


apt-get will ask you which player backend you want to install when installing the main gnome-twitch package and pick the GStreamer-Cairo one if none are chosen. However you are also able to easily install one of the packages listed below should you want to use another one.


The Gentoo package offers USE flags, which can be used to build any of the player backends when building the main package. Check them out here

Microsoft Windows

Due to the nature of cross-compiling it is very difficult to get software to work with drivers across multiple platforms. Therefore currently only the GStreamer-Cairo backend is guaranteed to work and is include by default in the installer.