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Paranoid text spacing for good readability, to automatically insert whitespace between CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) and half-width characters (alphabetical letters, numerical digits and symbols).


Current APIs:


in Command-line interface:

$ curl -G --data-urlencode "t=當你凝視著bug,bug也凝視著你" -H "x-api-key: TiEeVInyGza4ta0kougRH4MBBfdGe2Q91TjrbQLm" -w "\n"
當你凝視著 bug,bug 也凝視著你

in Python:

import requests

r = requests.get('當你凝視著bug,bug也凝視著你', headers={'x-api-key': 'TiEeVInyGza4ta0kougRH4MBBfdGe2Q91TjrbQLm'})
# 當你凝視著 bug,bug 也凝視著你

You must request the API with a HTTP header x-api-key: TiEeVInyGza4ta0kougRH4MBBfdGe2Q91TjrbQLm. Yeah, you are free to use the API key for accessing the service. Although it has a quota of 100000 requests per month.

Development is built on AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway. I use Apex to manage and deploy Lambda functions.

# deploy all functions
$ apex deploy

# view logs
$ apex logs -f

# invoke a function directly
$ apex invoke spacing_text --logs
    "statusCode": 400,
    "headers": null,
    "body":"{\"message\": \"No text was provided in HTTP query string\"}"

# invoke a function with an API Gateway event
$ cat fixtures/spacing_text_event.json
    "queryStringParameters": {"t": "與PM戰鬥的人,應當小心自己不要成為PM"}
$ apex invoke spacing_text --logs < fixtures/spacing_text_event.json
    "statusCode": 200,
    "headers": {"content-type": "text/plain; charset=utf-8"},
    "body": "與 PM 戰鬥的人,應當小心自己不要成為 PM"

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