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Latest commit 97d30bc Apr 15, 2016 @vintagedave Fixes a bug reported by Jerry Dodge where an animated tab transition …
…would freeze. Fmx.TabControl.SetActiveTabWithTransition calls Application.ProcessMessages (FMX app) which called into the platform service HandleMessage which did nothing. This was because the code assumed only the FMX app loop would call it, which doesn't run, but of course Application.ProcessMessages can be manually called. Changed some other platform methods at the same time to give better behaviour.


TFireMonkeyContainer is a Delphi VCL component to host a FMX HD or 3D form. It means you can embed a FireMonkey (FMX) form as a control in a VCL form, so you can design a FMX form and use it in your VCL app.

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This project used to be hosted on Google Code ( and was migrated on 2015-03-12.