Slides of Python WAT talk, see README for interactive version. Or go to for the HTML compiled one. PT-BR only for now.
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Python WAT.ipynb

Python WAT

Here are the interactive slides of Python WAT talk given at Python Nordeste 2016 conference. In Portuguese only.
This is a Jupyter Notebook with RISE plugin, so you'll need to install both to see the slides.
For the non-interactive version, see:

How to see the interactive slides


git clone --recursive  # clone with all submodules
cd pythonwat/
virtualenv venv -p python3
source venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
ln -s -f $(pwd)/custom.css ./venv/lib/python3.5/site-packages/notebook/static/custom/custom.css  # replace your Python 3.x version if necessary
cd RISE/
python install  # inside RISE/
cd ..  # back to pythonwat/


  1. jupyter notebook
  2. Open Python WAT.ipynb at http://localhost:8888/tree
  3. Click this button to see the slides: where to click to see the slides
  4. To run code on slides, click the cell and press Shift + Enter. To move forward, ESC if any cell is selected and use Space. To move back, use Shift + Space. To exit slides mode, use Alt + R. Click on the ? on the bottom left for more key shortcuts.

More info about Jupyter Notebook slides:

Some of these links might have out-of-date info! Please create an issue if you have any trouble.