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Weekly Meeting Checklist

Not every meeting needs to be unproductive. Focusing the meeting in sharing knowledge can give a new meaning to a moment usually reserved to discussing updates. Here is a list of questions to keep the meeting to a minimum.

Creation and Submission:

Follow the steps above to create and deploy your checklist:

  • 1. Fork this repository;
  • 2. Use checklist-*.md to write your first checklist;
    • E.g. checklist-en.
  • 3. On the checklist-*.md file replace * for the acronym language that your checklist was written;
  • 4. Go to collaborate section on Devchecklists and submit your checklist for approval.

Adding a New Language:

  • To add a new language you will need to create another markdown file containing the new acronym language:
    • E.g.
  • No further approval will be necessary;
  • The new checklist language should be visible on Devckecklists after you saved the file on your forked repository.

Important Notes:

  • Markdown is the only way to write checklists on Devchecklists;
  • For tips about how to use markdown to write checklists, please take a look at these raw files:
  • Changes on the checklist repository will reflect on the current checklist of Devchecklists.

Commercial Support

alt text

This project, as other Vinta open-source projects, is used in products of Vinta clients. We are always looking for exciting work, so if you need any commercial support, feel free to get in touch:

Copyright (c) 2018 Vinta Serviços e Soluções Tecnológicas Ltda. MIT License


Checklist to avoid wasting time in meetings, focusing them on sharing knowledge, instead of updates.




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