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  1. elasticsearch-dsl-rs elasticsearch-dsl-rs Public

    Strongly typed Elasticsearch DSL written in Rust

    Rust 196 17

  2. sidekiq-pool sidekiq-pool Public archive

    Sidekiq::Pool allows Sidekiq using more CPU cores on Ruby MRI by forking multiple processes.

    Ruby 41 15

  3. elasticsearch-exporter-rs elasticsearch-exporter-rs Public

    Proper Elasticsearch exporter

    Rust 21 4

  4. rest-dhcpd rest-dhcpd Public

    REST driven DHCP server

    Go 21 1

  5. packwerk-intellij packwerk-intellij Public

    Runs Packwerk in the background and adds error annotations to Ruby source files.

    Kotlin 14

  6. preferx preferx Public

    A reactive SharedPreferences library for Kotlin

    Kotlin 13 5


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