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Info:See the mongo site for more information. See github for the latest source.
Author: Alexandre Fiori <>


An asynchronous Python driver for the Mongo database, based on Twisted. The txmongo package is an alternative to the original pymongo shipped with the Mongo database.

Because the original pymongo package has it's own connection pool and blocking low-level socket operations, it is hard to fully implement network servers using the Twisted framework. Instead of deferring database operations to threads, now it's possible to do it asynchronously, as easy as using the original API.


You need setuptools in order to get txmongo installed. Just run python install

Docs and examples

Generate them with make docs. You will need epydoc installed. There are some examples in the examples/ directory.


Run make env to create clean hacking environment with virtualenv. Run make to torture your code with tests and code style tools.


Thanks to (in no particular order):

  • Mike Dirolf (mdirolf)
    • The author of original pymongo package.
  • Renzo Sanchez-Silva (rnz0)
    • Initial twisted trial unit tests.
  • Vanderson Mota (chunda)
    • Patching and PyPi maintenance
  • flanked
    • For porting GridFS to txmongo
  • Andre Ferraz
    • For creating and maintaining the debian package
  • Mark L
    • Bugfixes and Unit Tests
  • Alexey Palazhchenko (AlekSi)
    • Code clean up and hacking environment
  • Silas Sewell
    • Minor build and type fixes